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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wasabi Explosion Mix

WOOOOOO WEEEEEE ..... these are hot! I bought them at Harmony Market.

Native American Proverb

Only when the last tree is cut, only when the last river is polluted, only when the last fish is caught, will they realise that you can't eat money - Native American proverb

Crunchy Baked Chicken Recipe

1 egg
1 T milk
1 can French-fried onions, crushed
3/4 C grated Parmesan cheese
1/3 C dry bread crumbs
1 t paprika
1 (3-4 lb) chicken, cut up
* I used 3 large chicken breasts
2 T butter, melted
* I sprayed mine with olive oil
salt & pepper

Combine egg and milk in a shallow dish and whisk until blended. Combine onions, cheese, bread crumbs, paprika, salt & pepper. Dip the chicken in the egg mixture, Roll in the bread crumb mixture to coat.

Arrange chicken in a 9x12 baking dish and drizzle with butter. Bake at 350 for 55 to 60 minutes, or until the chicken registers 165 with a meat thermometer. Serves 4-6.

This had a really good flavor and was very moist ... I even forgot to put the bread crumbs in!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bird House Gourds....Still Growing Wildly

Wow... I wish I would have really paid attention to the instructions before I planted this gourd where I did! It can grow 15 - 20 feet! umm... that's a lot. Note to self: plant bird house gourds way far away from other stuff!

Broom Corn is Cool!

My broom corn is awesome! I can't believe how big it is. I'm growing it for the birds. After it dries you just cut the "broom" part (the tassley part on top) off and hang it in a tree for the birds to pick the seeds. Cool!

A Story of Faith

We planted 24 tomato plants and they were struck with the blight (a disaster!). We grow our tomatoes not only for canning, but to take to Second Harvest Food Bank and to give to friends and family. We went on an all day search for new plants and everyone was SOLD OUT! I cried! and then I prayed! I had faith something would happen, but couldn't imagine what. So.... the next day I was telling a friend at work (she grows her own tomatoes and peppers from seeds saved from the previous year *how cool is that*). She said she would bring me in a "few" plants. I would have been happy with 3. She brought in 13!!... I cried! They are healthy and growing like crazy!! Thanks Karol .... you were the answer to my prayers!!

So the moral of this story is .... Pray and have faith things will work out ... don't stress about it ... let God handle it!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sneaking back to the catnip!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Help! I'm being attacked by a fitted sheet!

I HATE trying to fold a fitted sheet!

Homemade Body Spray Recipe ~ Cheap

This is so simple:

1/2 C Vodka (get the cheap stuff!)
1/2 C Witch Hazel
6 - 8 drops of your favorite essential oil (get the real stuff!)

Put in small jar ... shake the heck out of it .... pour in a little travel spray bottle! That's it!

"Gregwood" Breakfast Sandwich recipe

Brunch Menu: "Gregwood" breakfast sandwich (instead of Dagwood lunch sandwich!). Greg made these up.... bacon, egg, smoked Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and horseradish on toasted whole wheat bread. OMG! to die for!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shredded Zucchini

I shredded up 4 bags of zucchini today (2 cups each bag)to freeze for zucchini bread this fall and winter! I only used one large and one medium too!

Sewing the Night Away!

Now that my house is nice and clean... tonight I'll be sewing away while Greg is watching the Reds win! I love vintage sewing machines (but really love that I have a modern one to work with!!)

Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell!

Here's a really cool little book I got from the library several years ago. I still use a lot of the hints and tips.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

This is just to prove I do more than blog and Facebook! (my husband just rolled his eyes when he caught me taking a picture of myself running the sweeper!) ... but he understands my quirks....

Creepy Antique Clown!

Sometimes this clown just gives me the creeps! Remember the clown scene in Poltergeist? **shudder**

I keep him underneath our big butter churn. Sometimes I think he might grab my leg when I walk by! But then I think .... "he doesn't have arms"!

Easy Summer Tomato Salad Recipe

Trust me... this is sooo good and easy. It's always the very first thing I make when my tomatoes start coming on. It's best to make in the morning so all the flavors can blend together.

Simply mix together tomatoes, onion, basil and oregano. Add red wine vinegar & oil salad dressing. You can add a dash of salt & pepper. You just "eyeball" everything really. Put in refrigerator for several hours to blend flavors.

Tip: I usually take it out about 20 min. before serving. It brings out the flavor (you know, kinda like cheese!) Enjoy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Robins eat bread?

I never knew Robins ate bread. I just thought they ate grubs, worms and berries. Hmmm... but here's the proof!

Hey! You're not a humming bird!!

I was focused and waiting for a humming bird for a picture .... and this fly lands on the feeder!

Jack .... our neighbor!

Jack is such a sweet cat! He wants to be friends with my cats so bad.... but Hannah is such a big b*tch! She won't have any part of him in her territory!